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Where your community finds its digital heartbeat.

Circular provides a robust digital platform where communities can engage, collaborate, earn and grow, all in one seamless experience.

“A revolution in the world of communication for organisations needing social privacy.”

As the world shifts focus from broad social media connections to closer-knit tribes, Circular offers a seamless platform for communities to connect, engage, learn, and trade.

What do our customers think?

Why did we build the app?

We built Circular to revolutionize community engagement by leveraging cutting-edge technology to create deeper, more meaningful connections. Our mission is to empower community groups, organizations, and networks with innovative tools that not only facilitate but also enrich interactions. In a world where digital connections often remain superficial, Circular breaks the mold by ensuring every interaction is genuine and impactful, fostering a sense of belonging and collective empowerment. By transforming how communities communicate, collaborate, and celebrate, Circular aims to inspire positive change and nurture thriving community ecosystems.

Who did we build it for?

Circular is built for community leaders, event organizers, and vibrant collectives seeking meaningful digital interactions. Whether you’re spearheading a grassroots movement, managing a local club, or leading a corporate team, Circular provides the tools and environment to deepen connections and enrich community engagement. Our platform is the ideal choice for anyone who values genuine relationships and the efficiency of sophisticated tools. Join Circular and empower your community to thrive in an atmosphere filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a shared sense of purpose.

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Tailor notifications to suit the unique dynamics of your group or sub-groups without hassle, keeping everyone informed and engaged.


Experience the convenience of tailored solutions that resonate with your community’s unique rhythm, making management a seamless and efficient process.

Brand and Community Building

Strengthen your community’s identity and maintain a cohesive brand experience that resonates with all community members, fostering a strong sense of belonging.

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Every community has its own language.

Whether it’s about the P&L report (corporates), the difference between a blade or a burr grinder (coffee culturists), or the “kooks” that are catching foamies (surfers), we know that there’s a special bond that only you and your inner circle understand. We are here to support that. Promote that.

We call it exclusive inclusivity.

“The real game-changer, however, has been the quality of connections and interactions we’ve achieved through Circular’s emphasis on authenticity and inclusivity. It’s not just a tool for us – it’s part of our community’s growth strategy.”

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Created for small communities, adopted by growing businesses.

Focussing on the 4 pillars of any community: communication, protection, organization, and trade, Circular enhances efficiency, no matter the size and scope.